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The Best of Retrogaming
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 69 reviews
byJennifer Fitzsimons onThe Best of Retrogaming
Customer support very helpful

Customer support very helpful. Husband loves it!!

byJustin Willcox onThe Best of Retrogaming
Product was exactly what we were…

Product was exactly what we were looking for, bringing back memories with playing the games.
Very happy and would recommend.
Well Done.

byJames Lentz onThe Best of Retrogaming

Grew up in the 80s. Love all the old school games from all the different gaming systems

bySophia-Rose Callaghan onThe Best of Retrogaming
Outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service! My package was delayed by DHL, but they managed to fix it and get me my package in a single day!

byMark Slater onThe Best of Retrogaming

Overall quite impressed with the console. It shipped quite quickly and arrived with no issues. The equipment is good quality and reminds me exactly of an old SNES system which has the nice nostalgia feel to it. The interface is a bit finnicky to start with but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. The games lists are pretty good, though there are a lot of repeated ROMs (likely different language versions) and some ROMs that aren't there - though I read through the FAQ and have been able to successfully add some of my old ones in and they play just fine. My only issue with the system is that the main interface screen is a bit oversized for the TVs I've tried it on and I don't see a way to change the screen size or display settings

byBrett Clark onThe Best of Retrogaming

This is a good product, I love the fact that is so many classic titles and brings back so many great memories of playing these games in the arcade

byCarlos Sheridan onThe Best of Retrogaming

Well, like anyone buying these sort of things online, I was very skeptical but... I was NOT disappointed!! I bought this to relive the nostalgia from my childhood with my friends and it did exactly that! I was only buying it for the few game systems that I had as a child: Atari 2600, Nintendo, Apple II, Super NES, N64, Sega Master system, Game boy and PlayStation. This has almost every game I had ever owned on those systems and SO MUCH MORE!! The Arcade games list alone will have you reliving the arcade days minus spending all the quarters! I cannot leave out the fact that this cake in about two weeks after I ordered it. The only recommendation I have is that I also have PS3 style USB controllers for games with more buttons like many of the PlayStation ones or N64. Otherwise, the four Super NES ones I bought with this are great.

byToby Behan onThe Best of Retrogaming

Thanks so much for the console - it arrived so quickly, much faster than promised, and worked straight out of the box - simple to set up and I was playing in minutes. Terrific product, for people like me who don't want to go to the effort of creating a box like this ourselves.

byPatrik Nystedt onThe Best of Retrogaming

50000 games ranging from old time classics to some modern MAME games. Highly recommended!

byGerardo Vasquez onThe Best of Retrogaming

Excellent product, excellent customer service and the best experience with the old school of videogames.

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